Student Corner / Seminar And Debate Committee

Value added education needs a value added presentation cum communication skills. For want of forceful and effective communication skills all knowledge held by an individual serves no purpose either in the dissemination of information and knowledge or in motivating others to work for its transfer to posterity. We do not have any authentic name to associate with the composition of Veds, the most sacred ancient well preserved treasure of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Still Vedas and its holy knowledge have percolated just on the basis of its oral transmission on one generation to another till the advent of printing press. So, good communications skills are imperative to be promoted among the students for the dissemination of knowledge and success.


Seminar and debate committee headed by Dr. S.K. Agarwal and actively and laboriously assisted by 10 faculty members of different departments was formed with a view to provide an effective platform to the students of college to come out with their talents of communication skills through bilingual presentations in debates and speech contest. The committee was also tasked to reach out the students of all classes and streams to shun shyness and get rid of hesitation in order to develop as a full flowering personality. Thus grooming the students for forceful platform spaceship was the sole objective of the committee.

Committee Members:

1. Dr. Punam Sharma             (Dept. of Mathematics, Coordinator)

2. Dr. Rajesh Kr. Yadav            (Dept. of Sanskrit, Co-Coordinator)

3. Mr. Mohd. Sabir                   (Dept. of Geography)

4. Dr. Meghna Arora                 (Dept. of Sociology)

5. Dr. Rajeev Kr. Agarwal          (Dept. of Commerce)

6. Dr. Sonal Shukla                 (Dept. of English)

7. Dr. Pratibha Singh                   (Dept. of Chemistry) 




Name of Activity/Event



Debate Competition

Free Mobile Data: Boon or Bane (at College level)


Debate Competition

Social Media: Boon or Curse held in MJP University


Debate Competition

??? ?? ??? ?????????? ??????? ?? ??????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??????? ??? ????? ??????? ?? ???????? ???’’

held in Model Public Law College, Chandausi, Distt. Sambhal


Debate Competition

?????? ???????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ???’’

held in SBD College, Dhampur, Bijnor


Essay Competition

Students were mobilized to send their entries for Essay Competition on the topic “Mob. Lynching – a Crime by Monocracy, to President, State Essay Competition Department, General Knowledge Competition Committee, Best, Sambhal


Essay Competition

The importance of English language in Career build up.



Seminar and debate committee members actively coordinated in the arrangement of direct telecast of  “Discussion on Prime Minister's exam“ for students. Students were given the assignments yes I am inspired by the address of Prime Minister.


Speech Contest

??? ???? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ???????


Speech Contest

?????? ??????????


Speech Contest

If I was the Principal of the college…


Speech Contest

No voter be left behind.


Debate Competition

Should voting be compulsory?


Painting Competition

Voters’ awareness


Youth Parliament

Held in Devata College. Morna, Bijnor. Students of college participated in the Mock parliament and presented their views on multiple issues of National Interest.


Debate Competition

Population control is possible by Law (College level)


Besides the above mentioned activities held in and outside the college, students of college were encouraged to present their views on the occasion of National days of importance like Independence Day, 2nd October, and Republic day. All activities and events were conducted through an effective mechanism involving the participation of every member of seminar and debate committee.


Achievements of participants involved in various debate/speech/essay contests are the achievements of committee, as committee and its members in their respective faculties mobilized and groomed the students for availing the platform of speech contest. Students displayed unprecedented enthusiasm and responded very spontaneously in participating in every activity. We can conclusively say that we have identified 30 speakers in college as budding orators who needs further polishing for reaching greater heights. The credit of committee’s efficient functioning goes to all its members who acted as beacon light for every students.

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